Giveaway tricks Best website for profit from mini services 2019


Oct 2, 2019
IEPH Credits
A great site for mini and simple services you can earn through this site a lot of money without effort only mini services such as (registration site - work like a page - follow the Twitter account (all sites social media) - download the application ... etc) By small and large and I personally achieved from this site $ 32.00 and the site is a platform connecting workers and employers in the sense that there are employers want workers to try their applications or increase admirers of their pages on Facebook or other and in return for this work give you money and you as a worker can withdraw money or you can Work is a task for workers who work in site.

Before registering on the site you should know the laws of the site
(1) - One account per person
(2) - You must use your real name
(3) - Your name and your country can not change recently
(4). You must prove your identity before withdrawing your money
After registering on the site you will get $ 1.25 that you can use on the site to do a task

1- Small jobs, which are small tasks when you click on it you will see a list of mini-tasks
2-Tasks I finished
3- My Jobs It is my tasks that you have created
4-Ongoing jobs Great and continuous jobs for a long time
5- Projects I am doing If you create a large continuous task it will appear here
6-My Jobs It is my continuing big tasks
7- Deposit if you want to deposit money on the site
8-Withdraw to withdraw the money raised on the site

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Oct 11, 2022
USA Manassas
IEPH Credits
It looks like a decent platform, and I think this site is very helpful for people looking for some hustle job but who don't want to go outside. I worked with a similar side when I was studying at university, but for the time, they were asked to create accounts on social media by using VPN. They paid a good amount of money, especially for the accounts that didn't get banned after 1 week of using them. Suppose one of you is looking for a hustle job on the internet. In that case, I can recommend you visit the Famoid site, they are working with multiple users of social media platforms and helping them with promoting the content.