Movie Between Maybes (2019) 720p HD

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May 1, 2019
Bilibid Muntinlupa
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Between Maybes (2019) 720p HD
Hazel Ilagan (Julia Barretto) is a formerly famous child actress who's experiencing career troubles. She doesn't have control over her own life, she doesn't have new acting projects, her mom is constantly nagging her, and she just feels... lost. Because of all the pressure, Hazel longs for some peace and quiet. She books a random flight to Japan, not caring where she ends up, and arrives at the Saga Prefecture. There, she meets a fellow Filipino named Louie Puyat (Gerald Anderson), whose OFW parents were deported from the country. These two lost souls get closer, develop a bond, and eventually have to decide whether they will fight for each other or not.

Genre: Drama, Romance
Language: Tagalog

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